Saturday, May 7, 2011

Literature Update

Education (at a very broad sense) is a key target of the utilisation of new media. Numerous universities are offering very high numbers of online course, programs, and so on (by the way, Canada in general, and Quebec Province in particular, are doing pretty well on that, as mentionned in the chapter on "Cyber Behaviors in Canada" which I wrote for the "Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior", currently in press). However, a major issue related to that (and it raised some interesting debates, or at least elicited some interesting presentation at the Design Conference in Rome last February), is the problematic of the evaluation of the efficiency. In regards to this problematic, the following paper (even if a case study, with all the limitations it can hold), is interesting:

Lee H, Kim JW, Hackney R (2011) Knowledge hoarding and user acceptance of online discussion board systems in eLearning: A case study. Computers in Human Behavior, 27:1431-1437.

Something else, just something to think about as a possible way to foresee evolutions in the field. Not necessary have to agree, but interesting to read anyway:

Drigas A, Koukianakis L, Papagerasimou Y (2011) Towards an ICT-based psychology: E-psychology. Computers in Human Behavior, 27:1416-1423.

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