Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Two small articles from eMarketer dealing with the impact of women-written blogs in product or brand image and popularity. A bit formalizing the phenomenon of word-of-mouth in online settings, blogs being finally simply a new media for social, inter-individual influence. Interestingly (and that echoes the remark in the comment of the post of May 5), the notion of “opinion leaders” is very important to decipher the efficiency of a blog in term of convincing others …
The first article describes the characteristics of some of the main type of female users and shows that only a small proportion of them are actually active and efficient (in this context, the “opinion leaders”).

The second article describes some of the strategies which can be used to help convince a female blogger to contribute actively to the word-of-mouth of a given product.

Do Woman Bloggers Want to Work with your Brand?

All that is very interesting to read, digest, and consider in the context of deciphering how social media can represent a tool of influence over others (individuals or groups).

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