Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cyberworld: the Second Life City of Tharna

A place in Second Life that I have been following for some time (see my paper about trade role-play). Even if very controversial, the Gorean community is one of the most vivid communities of the virtual world of Second Life, and in this community, the City of Tharna is without doubt one of the most fascinating places. A truly unique place in Gor. This place is what I would call a legend in Second Life Gor: no other place is so widely known in Second Life Gor, and no other place seems to trigger so strongly polarized reactions. All people in Gor know about this City, some hate it, while most others really love this place. Very interesting structure, with the main gates of the City directly in front of the teleporter point (which I see as a sign of maturity: they welcome visitors but are sure enough of themselves to not have to hide their entrance far away). Very open and friendly City, I met some really amazing people there. For sure, due to the fact that visitors and tourists arrive directly in front of the Gates, from time to time it is possible to witness some funny situations on the docks of the City … but it is also a very lively place where one can see really good role-play episodes. Definitively, a place I recommend in Second Life for those interested in seeing exotic worlds.
Oh, yes. There are seasons in Second Life Gor ... so the City looks differently when the snow is melted ...

Guitton MJ (2011) Immersive role of non-required social actions in virtual settings: the example of trade role-play in the Second Life Gorean community. Design Principles and Practices: an International Journal, In press.

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