Friday, January 7, 2011


Cyberlife impacts our Real Life ... It may sounds either like a trivial statement, or like a strange statement. But it is true. Influence of the mind over the body has been known since ages, and has been enlighten both by philosophers (Matthieu's current level of philosophy in the morning: the old kendo's saying: "ki ken tai no ichi" (the mind, the sword, and the body are only one)) or by scientists alike (e.g., the pretty old scholarly journal named "Journal of Psychosomatic Research"). Anyway, some striking evidence of these connections, and of the impact that cyberworlds can have over real life, can be found in a recent paper published in Computers in Human Behavior, showing that homeless people who are able to get some support in the virtual world have less health problems ... Well, it should be mentioned that the main effect seems to arise from keeping some social connection and social life ... but, isn't that what cyberworlds are all about?

Eyrich-Garg K (2011) Sheltered in cyberspace? Computer use among the unsheltered ‘street’ homeless. Computers in Human Behavior, 27:296-303.

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