Friday, January 7, 2011

Literature Update

A recent paper showing that presentation of contextual aversive stimuli in a virtual environment can trigger real levels of anxiety. Not really anything new, as anyone who already played a "shoot-them-all" videogame already experienced this. But still, it is somehow quantified here. As well, it is an interesting example of multimodality in virtual spaces, since the subjects were asked to do a spatial orientation task at the same time (even if it could be noted that the spatial orientation task here was really over-simplified ... maybe it was more of a basic locomotor-like task than a real orientation task). So the two modalities concerned were cognitive: spatial and emotional ...

Maïano C, Therme P, Mestre D (2011) Affective, anxiety and behavioral effects of an aversive stimulation during a simulated navigation task within a virtual environment: A pilot study. Computers in Human Behavior, 27:169-175.

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