Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lab Update: CAN Meeting

All the lab is presently at the Fifth Canadian Neuroscience Meeting (the meeting of CAN - Canadian Association for Neuroscience). We had a pretty good representation with 5 posters: 3 related to cyberbehavior, and 2 related to animal models. It went pretty well, well done to all the lab presenters, you did very well!


Lortie CL, Guitton MJ. The judgement of humanity of an interlocutor is in the Eye of the Beholder. M-G-006.
Lortie CL, Guitton MJ. Social organuzation in virtual settings depends of the proximity to human visual aspect. M-G-007.
Lomanowska AM, Guitton MJ. Social density and physical aggregation of avatars in virtual spaces. T-G-001.

Animal Models:

Marquilly C, Guitton MJ. Salicylate-induced tinnitus triggers serotonergic-dependant anxiety. M-D-001.
Bories C, Husson, Z, Guitton MJ, De Koninck Y. Frontal substrates of cognitive performance heterogeneity during aging. T-C-034 (not shown in picture).


  1. Nice pictures and very interesting blog :)

  2. Congratulations. You did a really good job! :)