Thursday, May 5, 2011

Comment: Question to the Readers

I need your opinion. As people are obviously very shy, I re-ask the question of few weeks (and unfortunately not enough posts) ago. What would be needed in a graduate course on Cyberpsychology? Which concepts should be introduced, which fields should be covered, which would be the main papers ... what format such a course should take?
Dear reader, time to help me! You can send a comment to this post, you can send me an email, you can come to my office to tell me what you think ... Any comment is appreciated, as this field is utterly dynamic!


  1. Hello. I am from e-Marketing field. I think the thematic of leadership in virtual communities would be interesting.

  2. I think it sould be an introduction class, looking a little at every application cyberpsychology can have from treatment of specific phobias to physical rehabilitation, and also as a tool for fundamental research. It should also present the different manners/protocoles used in this growing area.