Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cyberworld: the Second Life City of Rarn

Long time since we showed in this blog some virtual world things ... So, here are some views of the Second Life City of Rarn. Rarn, the City of Copper, is a City of Gor, located close to the City of Tharna (see the previous "Cyberworld" entries). A very well designed City, which succeed to reflect both the mountain location and a unique atmosphear. The design of the City is highly efficient in terms of opportunities to trigger easily interesting immersive role-play situations.

After going out of the "out of character" arrival point, you directly land in a mountain road, the "road to Rarn", where you can appreciate the mountain landscape.

After a short walk, the massive walls of the City attract your eyes.

The design of the City is at the same time simple and complex. Simple, as the general City map is clear, and the City is surrounded by high walls, with a strongly protected gate, allowing the citizens and local warriors to defend the City in a optimal way. Complex, as the inner map and building organisation is, despite being easy to navigate in, far to be simplistic, leading to a real pleasure in terms of immersion for the visitor.

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