Friday, July 22, 2011

Research Update

Today, our paper on the factors supporting the judgment of humanness a human will do over his partner in a situation of computer-mediated communication got accepted with revision. And the comments of the Reviewers were honestly very good (not to say elogious for one of them at least!). And that is pretty good for us, because we got accepted with revision in PLoS ONE ! Meaning, we are climbing pretty well in terms of Impact Factor ! Actually, to be honest, it will be once the revision will be made, one of the papers on CMC published in the highest journal ! As well, the fact that we are now able to publish in journals with this Impact Factor means that the field is getting mature, and that people in general science become more and more ready to hear about what people working on cyberbehavior have to say. This paper is part of Catherine's Master degree, which is getting better and better each month it seems ... More to come soon, keep tuned !

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