Friday, July 8, 2011


On Facebook ... and on Facebook Credits. Facebook Credits were around since some times already, and were used as a possible choice to pay various "side services" of Facebook, typically some games. However, since July 1st, they are the only and mandatory currency for any application using the Facebook plateform. With the ambition to have them used to buy songs, or movies online, Facebook clearly want to push the Facebook Credits as the main virtual currency. And with taking 30% on each transaction, Facebook would generate a lot more money. Yes. And no.
Let's remember what happened with the Linden Dollars of the famous Linden Labs star application, Second Life. When people began to actually win so much money inside the world of Second Life and to convert it in real money, when people exchanged currency via Second Life, some governments began to be clearly annoyed. Leading up to the taxation of Linden Dollars inside the European Union. So, what if Facebook Credits become so popular that they actually get to have the different government looking at all that a bit more closely ? And add, let's say, a 10% taxe over the already 30% of taxe of Facebook ? Somehow, using this virtual money to get virtual services would cost more than using a real money to get real services ... And during all this time, all the other players of the cyberspace will be playing soccer in the courtyard and not try to develop another (virtual) currency to compete ? Like the Google Credits ? All that will be interesting to observe in the future, and to observe how it will affect us all ...

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