Thursday, July 7, 2011


The latest Impact Factor of Computers in Human Behavior is at 1.86, and that is not bad at all for a hyper-specialized journal. Just for comparison, JASA (the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America - the best journal in the field of acoustic research) is at 1.52 ... if we compare with a "specialised" journal with a broader, more biomedical-oriented readership, we get Hearing Research with 2.4 ...

Ideally, if the field gets mature enough, we should expect Computers in Human Behavior to grow slightly above 2 (a nice 2.5 would be amazing). If it grows more, the problem would be that the pressure to publish would increase probably in such way that new journals would emerge, dropping the Impact Factor down again ... So, an acceptable stable level would be around 2 something probably. Of course, since we publish a lot there, the more the better. Well, anyway, each time people quote our papers, that increase mechanically the Impact Factor.

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