Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lab Update

Long time without a post ... that is mostly due to the "grant writing period": two time per year, you go out of the world to live in your micro-world, to write research grants so your lab can work. Anyway, some updates.

First, I changed my main affiliation. I moved from the Faculty of Pharmacy to now be Professeur sous octroi at the Faculty of Medicine. I am now in the Department of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Ophtalmology. A sensory department, with a fully multi-modal and integrated focus, seems to be a perfect match for me and my research interests, so there are a lot of new opportunities there for me.

Second, the visit of Lee Cadieux from the University of Ulster went perfectly well. It was an amazing time for me and the students to talk about cyberbehavior with another expert of the field. By the way, here is one of his latest paper, just published:

Cadieux L (2011) Open Sandbox: New Modalities of Animation Delivery. Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal. 5:635-644.

A "must-read" paper, for those interested by this kind of topic. This paper was actually published after a very interesting talk Lee gave in Roma in February at the Design Conference.

Third, about Twitter ... Well, actually, I find that Twitter is a very convenient tool, and since I finally decided to create an account, I simply can not live without it anymore ... It is an amazing tool to spread litterature udpates or comments, so, if you are following this blog, I can only suggest you to follow my twitter account too:


And, that's all for today, back to my grants !

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