Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lab Update

Well, as I was telling you in the last post, I am in the "grant writing period" ... So blogging is slow ... Still, some important updates:

1) Anna Lomanovska, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in my lab, got the very prestigious and competitive FRSQ Postdoctoral Fellowship grant ! Now she is funded for 2 more years, so we will be able to do really good things I am sure ! Well done, Anna, congratulations !

2) Talking about grants, Catherine also got the FRSQ Student grant for her Master Degree in my lab, but unfortunately, she had to say no since she already got the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell grant ... Still, that means that we are probably not the worse lab in the world if everybody gets grants here ! (or that I am lucky to attract only the best people, which I do believe too).

3) Twitter, twitter, twitter, I so love twitter ... Definitively, Twitter has really an ideal format for me, short and efficient messages, perfect for litterature updates and so on. So, people, if you want to follow what we are doing, follow me on Twitter @matthieuguitton

4) I will be in Florida in 1 week now, at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Beside giving a lecture on cyberbehavior (Multi-Modal Aspects of Immersion in Virtual Spaces), I will be participing to two courses there: "Visual Design" and "Technology and Modern Civilization". That will be most interesting I think.

5) Papers ... things are advancing, the PLoS ONE of Catherine is in press, as is the chapter on "Cyber Behaviors in Canada" of the "Encyclopedia of Cyberbehavior", and we have currently 4 other papers submitted (even if, of course, some will be longer to publish than others).

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