Friday, October 21, 2011

Lab Update

A long long time without a new blog post ... So a lot to say ! The grant period is finally over, so we can be back to normal working schedules, and finally do research again. Here are some of the main updates since the last blog post back in beginning of September.

First, the meeting in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University was simply amazing. Extremely productive, we reinforced our collaboration with Lynn Koller there, and I met some new possible collaborators. The visit was very exciting and stimulating.

Second, papers ! We got a lot of excellent news since the last update ! The PLoS one paper on the perception of humanness of an interlocutor is now fully published (references are given at the end of this post). The Reviewers agreed that our approach was trully innovative (would I dare the "revolutionarian" ?). Anyway, so far, only excellent feedback about this work ! The paper of Anna about the distribution of avatars in (virtual) space using Second Life as a model got also accepted, and we already corrected the proofs, so we expect it online in the very coming days. The corrections asked by the Reviewers were the most minimalistic I ever saw, which says a lot about the quality of this particular paper and about its possible impact. Finally, I submitted a paper on a meta-media (the Galactic News Network of the Second Life Star Wars Role-Play community), and, this paper elicited a very good feedback from both Editor and Reviewers (even if I had to do some corrections, but well, that is the fate of any paper somehow), and it is now Accepted ! Meaning that now we actually have 3 papers about Second Life and 2 about World of Warcraft ... We are really exploiting those models fully I think (even if we are now working to gather information from other models too).

Lortie CL, Guitton MJ (2011) Judgment of the Humanness of an Interlocutor is in the Eye of the Beholder. PLoS ONE, 6:e25085.

I am using Twitter really a lot now, so most of the litterature updates are done there ... But I may be doing an over-view of some recent litterature update here soon too, to make sure you don't miss some interesting things to read (winter is coming in Canada, we need things to read for the cold evenings).

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