Monday, May 21, 2012

Metablogging ... blogs blogging on us

Thanks to Daana Kira (field reporter in "Galactic News Network", the galaxy-wide news network of SWRP in Second Life), I saw today that other blogs are mentioning our work. That made my day, thank you TOROZ ! I am very happy when my work is mentioned by scholars and researchers, but I am actually even more happy when it catch the eyes of people outside of academia. We do research not just for us, but because we hope that it can serve everybody (in this case, help us all to understand the mechanisms of immersion in virtual space).

The link brings you there !

And, for those who did not read the paper on the immersive impact of meta-media (Guitton MJ (2012) The immersive impact of meta-media in a virtual world. Computers in Human Behavior, 28:450-455), here is a picture of Daana Kira, one of the best journalists of the metaverse of Second Life.

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