Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lab Update

We had the visit in the last few days of Sergey Kapishnikov from the Weizmann Institute of Science. We had amazing discussions and fruitful interactions with people of the team (pictures are coming soon). We will try to develop one or two collaborative projects soon.

Here, Charlotte is showing to me and Sergey a neuron she just reconstructed in 3D. We don't see it well on the screen, but believe me, it is rather cool ! For those interested, the pic was taken in one of the rooms of my lab which we use mostly for audio experiments and recordings (and neuron reconstruction), so the two big covered things behind me and Sergey are actually speakers (covered to protect the membranes).

Also, Catherine presented us in the last group meeting a very good "compte rendu" of the last ATA meeting. Actually, it was pleasant to see that we are having the "good hypothesis", so to say, since some of the main thematic on which we are thinking seems to be currently at the center of the debates in the field of telemedicine.

Catherine in front of her poster at San José, CA, during the ATA meeting.

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