Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lab Update

Long time I did not post something ... Well, a lot of things going on around, not enough time to write ! The first months of this year have been very intense, but good things are coming. On future developments of the lab : we are again having human subjects on a very interesting series of collaborative works with the newly established lab of Pascale Tremblay (Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine of Laval University), we are developing new projects on mutli-modal and/or sensory integration in virtual spaces (some preliminary data already, extending our themes from avatars in virtual worlds to other cyberspaces such as the blogosphere and to web-forums, we will have a presentation on that next month with Lynn Koller (from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) in the PCA/ACA annual meeting in Boston). We did last week our first joined group meeting with the lab of Philip Jackson (School of Psychology, Laval University) ... that went pretty well actually, such things will reinforce the "avatar group" of Laval University.

I am pretty happy with my present team, but since we are asking more money, and having much more ideas to test, we have positions opened for promising students !

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