Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Literature Update

A very good paper (but that is always the case when it comes from Yadin Dudai's lab J ). Since some years, Yadin Dudai is working on this notion of "real-life" memory, with the final goal of dealing with more ethological aspects of human cognition. That translates, in terms of experimental settings, by the development of more ecological designs, compared to the classical "hit the black dot" computer tasks. Anyway, this paper deals with some of the biological substratum of the process of encoding episodic memory. Cute-edge imagery and excellent memory-oriented experimental paradigm characterises this paper.

Ben-Yakov A, Dudai Y (2001) Constructing realistic engrams: poststimulus activity of hippocampus and dorsal striatum predicts subsequent episodic memory. Journal of Neuroscience, 31:9032-9042.

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