Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lab Update

Summer is approaching (hard to believe with the snowstorms of the last days ... but well, let's say that summer is approaching)... and, with summer come the summer students! So, here to welcome our new summer students to be: Chen Chen from France will join us for the human part of our research, and Milomir Stefanovic who will come back to us from Serbia to continue the excellent work he was doing on the animal part of our research.
Other thing, I finally received the proof of the paper on the Gorean trade role-play. So this paper is in its final line and shall soon be available. Actually, this paper brings a lot of important input from an anthropological point of view of the "sense of virtual community".
Dear readers and followers of this blog, we are always looking for smart and interested new members willing to join, so never hesitate to contact me if you want to explore the virtual worlds with us!

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