Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lab Update: Prevention of Pathologies of the Auditory System

Just a selection of some of our papers which could be linked to the broad thematic of prevention. We are working among other subjects on some pathologies for which no treatment is available ... thus, a lot of what we did can actually be translated into "prevention" : factors of risks, main causes, mechanisms of vulnerability ... As we mentionned in this blog earlier with the paper of Colleen LePrell, the situation changed a lot in the last decades. Now, the "standard" ear of a young adult is already damaged. Auditory prevention? First, put your headphone at a lower volume. Second, put your tv and radio at a lower volume. Third, put your headphone at a lower volume (yes, same than one, but it is really important). We are all vulnerable to noise. However, the degree of variability is not the same for all of us. Factors underlying individual vulnerability can also been identified using animal models ...

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